To Extend Your HP Compaq 6715b Battery's Life

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Published: 19th November 2010
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Keep the battery contacts clean- Clean your battery' s metal contacts every couple of months with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol. This keeps the transfer of power from your hp compaq 6715b battery more efficient.

Take care of your battery- Exercise the hp compaq 6715b Battery. Do not leave a charged business notebook 6715b dormant for long periods of time. Once charged, you should at least use the battery at least once every two to three weeks. Also, do not let a hp compaq lithium ion battery completely discharge. (Discharing is only for older batteries with memory effects)

Hibernate not standby- Although placing a hp compaq 6715b laptop computer in standby mode saves some power and you can instantly resume where you left off, it doesn't save anywhere as much power as the hibernate function does. Hibernating a PC will actually save your PC's state as it is, and completely shut itself down.

Defragmet your hard drive regularly- The less your hard drive spins - less demand you are going to put on the hard drive and your hp compaq 6715b battery Make your hard drive as efficient as possible by defragging it regularly.

Dim your screen- Most laptops come with the ability to dim your laptop screen. Some even come with ways to modify CPU and cooling performance. Cut them down to the lowest level you can tolerate to squeeze out some extra hp compaq business notebook 6715b battery juice.

Cut down on programs running in the background- Itunes, Desktop Search, etc. All these add to the CPU load and cut down hp compaq 6715b laptop battery life. Shut down everything that isn't crucial when you're on battery.

Cut down external devices- USB devices (including your mouse) & WiFi drain down your hp compaq business notebook 6715b. Remove or shut them down when not in use. It goes without saying that charging other devices with your laptop when on battery is a surefire way of quickly wiping out the charge on your hp compaq laptop battery.

Keep operating temperature down- Your hp compaq laptop operates more efficiently when it's cooler. Clean out your air vents with a cloth or keyboard cleaner.

Set up and optimize your power options- Go to 'Power Options' in your windows control panel and set it up so that power usage is optimized (Select the 'max battery' for maximum effect).

Don't multitask- Do one thing at a time when you're on hp compaq 6715b battery. Rather than working on a spreadsheet, letting your email client run in the background and listening to your latest set of MP3's, set your mind to one thing only. If you don't you'll only drain out your batteries before anything gets completed!

Go easy on the PC demands- The more you demand from your hp compaq notebook PC, passive activities like email and word processing consume much less power than gaming or playing a DVD. If you're got a single hp compaq 6715b battery charge - pick your priorities wisely.

Turn off the autosave function- MS-Word or Excel's autosave functions are great but because they keep saving regular intervals, they work your hard driver harder than it may have to. If you plan to do this, you may want to turn it back on as the battery runs low. While it saves hp compaq 6715b battery life in the beginning, you will want to make sure your work is saved when your hp compaq 6715b battery dies.

Get yourself a more efficient laptop- Laptops are getting more and more efficient in nature to the point where some manufacturers are talking about all day long batteries. Picking up a newer more efficient hp compaq 6715b laptop to replace an aging one is usually a quick fix.

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